Car Dealership Wanting To Speak To More Customers By Phone? We Can Help.

For over 20 years, we have helped hundreds of dealerships speak to more customers by phone, booking countless sales, service and MOT appointments in the process.

Winning customers is hard. Maintaining relationships with those customers shouldn’t be. That’s where our Outbound Calls service comes in, to stay in contact with your customers and increase their overall lifetime value to your dealership.

We offer a number of outbound call services to your customers. These include timely calls to book customers in for service and MOTs, post-delivery and post-service follow-up calls, enquiry management and lost sales calls. 

Whatever your objectives, Interactive Marketing is a ‘plug-in-and-play’ provider of outsourced contact capabilities. Our calls are customised to ensure that your brand guidelines are followed and to ensure that your customers truly feel like they are speaking to your dealership.

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We Work With Dealerships Supplying Brands Including

What can Interactive Marketing help with?

✅   I need to book more service or MOT appointments
✅   I need support with customer service satisfaction follow-up calls
✅   I need enquiry management support
✅   I need help to re-engage with Lost Sales
✅   I need cover when my call-making staff are ill or unable to work
✅   I need to ensure that all calls my dealership makes are of the highest standard

Interactive Marketing can help with these and many other requirements. All with no long contract and no setup fee. To learn more today, phone us on 0330 122 0750.

Mystery Shop by Telephone

How does it work?

1. You provide us with a list of customers you’d like to speak to 

2. Our call makers will place calls to those customers on your behalf, from 9am until 8pm, giving us the best chance possible of making contact 

3. When making calls, we will use your phone number, or a number you decide, to give your customers the confidence that they’re speaking to your dealership 

4. Our call makers will greet themselves as from your dealership, and speak in a tone that your customers will find familiar and welcoming 

5. Each time we complete a call, we will pass on the details to you 

6. We speak to your customers, your service and sales departments stay busy, and your dealership makes the most of revenue-generating opportunities

Hundreds of dealerships trust us 

When you’re ready to boost your customer contact abilities, we’re here for you. 

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What our Customers say

Interactive Marketing provide a high quality service, with detailed feedback on ‘Lost sales’, for us to go back with. Along with regular contact from the CRM Coordinator, any changes to script/approach are implemented upon request. I would recommend Interactive Marketing for any lost sale follow needs.

Oli Follows
General Sales Manager, Yeovil Land Rover

I just wanted to give you some feedback from the lost sales calls that Interactive Marketing have been making for Norwich and Welwyn Garden City. Thus far, they have spoken to 92 people and sold 10 bikes. It’s great value for money.

Ben Freakley
Group Marketing Manager, Lind Group (Motorrad)

We have recently begun using Christine and her team to help with our overflow calls for some of our branches. We have found this to be very useful having a representative to answer the phone and be able to talk to the customer instead of utilising an answerphone system.

Sarah Boreham 
Group Bookings Administrator, John Banks Group
Overflow Call Handling

We’re Interactive Marketing 

Interactive Marketing was founded to provide the motor industry with much-needed solutions to some of the most pressing customer contact challenges. Since then, we’ve worked with many of the best-known dealerships in the UK, conducting hundreds of thousands of phone calls and booking countless appointments on behalf of our clients.

Our four core services, outbound calls, inbound calls, one-off campaigns and live chat management, not only increase appointment bookings, but also help to deliver your customers with timely service reminders and solutions to their problems. You can learn more about our services here.

We provide our services to dealerships offering vehicles from manufacturers including JLR, Volvo, SEAT, Kia, Škoda, BMW, MINI, Bentley, Citroen, Suzuki, Mercedes-Benz, Ferrari and Maserati.

We’re also proud to be recognised as recommended suppliers to SKODA UK, SEAT UK, Volkswagen UK and JLR.

It’s our people, processes and persistence that make Interactive Marketing so effective.

Our incredible team of passionate call-makers, alongside a continuous investment in training and hands-on experience, make us the go-to customer contact supplier for many of the best-known dealerships in the UK. You can learn more about the Interactive Marketing team here.

We’re a market leader, with the best people, the highest standards of training, unmatched insight and impressive customer contact rates. To learn more about what makes Interactive Marketing the supplier of choice to hundreds of dealerships, visit the Why Interactive Marketing page.

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