Live Chat Handling

A live chat function on your Dealership’s website is becoming essential to win business from prospective customers. You need to make it easy for customers to make an enquiry about one of your vehicles or your service department. Live chat does just that as we all as human beings follow the least line of resistance.

If you need support with adding chat to your web site or manning the chat portal, we can help. With over 20 years experience of maintaining and improving customer relationships with in the Motor industry.

We have the ability to offer concise, confident and worthwhile information to your website visitors. We’ll collect contact information and seek consent and properly qualify any enquiries.

Our main aim is to equip your customers with a professional experience of your business and your sales executives with as much relevant lead information as possible, enabling a professional onward interaction.

We invest heavily in training, and ensuring our team of people are familiar with your company, it’s brand and products is at the core of our success.

       • Reduce expenses and Increase car sales.
• Gather relevant information, as it is the key to making a sale.
• Improve customer service and loyalty not only to your brand but the dealership itself.
• Faster problem resolution.
• The most convenient option for your customers.
• Expand market reach with your competitive advantages.
• We tailor our service to your business and its products providing a bespoke service.
• Drive sales and improves your customer service offering.

Website Enquiry Handling

We are able to handle an array of Website Enquiries, as well as leads directly from your own website we can handle and manage Enquiries from online market places – like Autotrader and CarWOW.

Never miss a website enquiry again with our unique enquiry handling service. Our outbound call or email service will ensure all enquiries your receive are handled professionally, efficiently and with speed.

We’ll qualify your prospective customer, passing back information to make it easier for your sales team or service department to do business.

With our up to the minute email alerts and a state of the art online reporting suite you can keep connected and in-the-know with all your latest enquiries, whilst having the peace of mind that we are following up all your enquires.

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