The Automotive Outreach Blueprint

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What’s Covered in the Automotive Outreach Blueprint?

As the experts in automotive outreach, we at Interactive Marketing have spent more than two decades providing outsourced call services to car dealerships.

In that time, our call-makers have dialled hundreds of thousands of numbers and spoken to an almost endless stream of customers, helping to book in sales and servicing appointments for car dealerships across the UK.

That’s a lot of calls. And from those calls, we’ve gathered a lot of insight.

In this, our Automotive Outreach Blueprint, we share everything that we have learned about what makes the perfect car dealership outreach call campaign.

Whether you’re looking to book more servicing appointments, secure additional sales, or just reach your customers to gather feedback, this guide is a must-read for you and your team.

Over the next nine covered inside, our automotive outreach experts have outlined everything you need to consider when planning your dealership’s outbound call activity.

We hope you find value from this resource and welcome any questions you may have.