Inbound Calls

Our Inbound Calls services can help your dealership give customers a more consistent and reliable service by phone, all hours of the day, regardless of how busy your staff may be. Calls get answered, customers get what they’re looking for and your dealership never misses an opportunity.

From general call handling through to covering your dealership out of hours and when your staff are busy elsewhere, we have an Inbound Calls service to suit your needs.

General Inbound Call Handling

General Call Handling

If you’re looking for a service that guarantees that every one of your customers is given the highest level of attention when they phone your dealership, our general call handling services are right for you.

Our call-handlers will answer calls on behalf of your dealership in a way that will feel familiar to your customers, following your brand guidelines.

With market-leading customer relationship knowledge, our call handlers know the importance of a great first impression and do everything possible to ensure that every one of your customers gets what they need out of their phone call.

Our call handlers will make notes of the call and pass them over to your internal team, keeping your people busy with tasks that pay, such as selling and servicing.

Out of Hours Call Handling

Out of Hours Call Handling

Market research shows that many of your customers will try to phone you outside of office hours, at a time when they themselves are not at work. That’s why it’s more important than ever to have a call handling service that’s ready to speak to customers way beyond the standard close of business.

Whilst competing dealerships are sending customers to voicemail, our Out of Hours Call Handling service will ensure that you never miss an opportunity.

Our call handlers are set up to take calls on your behalf well into the evening hours, ensuring that you have the longest period possible to speak with customers each day.

We can book appointments for the next day or pass on the details of the call for your internal team to follow up with the next morning.

Our out of hours service keeps your customers happy and your sales team busy.

Overflow Call Handling

Overflow Call Handling

Interactive Marketing’s Overflow Call Handling service acts as a safety net, stopping any inbound call from going unanswered. If your phone rings, we’ll be there, even when you can’t be.

This service is great for dealerships who would like to handle their own calls where possible, but don’t want to miss hot leads should a call go unanswered.

With our overflow service, a customer will be connected directly to your dealership in the first instance. If you’re unable to answer, the call will automatically be redirected to one of Interactive Marketing’s expert call handlers after a predefined number of rings.

Your customer will never know the difference; they’ll get the same great level of service, from a call handler they assume is part of your dealership.