Outbound Calls Service

Winning customers is hard. Maintaining relationships with those customers shouldn’t be. That’s where our Outbound Calls service comes in, to stay in contact with your customers and increase their overall lifetime value to your dealership.

We offer a number of outbound call services to your customers. These include timely calls to book customers in for service and MOTs, post-delivery and post-service follow-up calls, enquiry management and lost sales calls. 

Whatever your objectives, Interactive Marketing is a ‘plug-in-and-play’ provider of outsourced contact capabilities. Our calls are customised to ensure that your brand guidelines are followed and to ensure that your customers truly feel like they are speaking to your dealership.

MOT Reminders

MOT and Service Reminders

When your customer is in need of a service for their vehicle, or when their MOT becomes due, they are presented with a problem.

When our call-makers pick up the phone and speak to your customers, they are presented with a solution.

When the customer decides to have their service or MOT completed with your dealership, you earn additional revenue that was otherwise left on the table.

That’s exactly why our outsourced MOT and Service Reminder calls are a win-win solution, increasing customer satisfaction and affinity with your dealership whilst increasing their lifetime value to you.

We can make reminder calls on your behalf to customers when a Service, MOT, VHC or any other event is due on their car, either alongside a written reminder or completely independently.

Each time any kind of service becomes due on a vehicle you have supplied there is earning potential for your dealership. With outbound calls from Interactive Marketing, that potential is turned into booked-in work and guaranteed revenue.

Customer Service Follow Ups

Customer Service Follow-Ups

Satisfied customers are not only the best future marketing tool you have, but they’re also the most likely to return to your dealership time and time again with more sales opportunities.

That’s why our customer service follow-up calls are an important component for any dealership looking to provide consistently high levels of aftersales service to customers.

Not only do we speak to your customers during these calls, but we listen. That means that our call-makers are able to pick up on and record any trends in areas of satisfaction or pain points for your customers, presenting you with actionable insight to improve the service you offer.

Enquiry Management

Enquiry Management and Lost Sales

When a potential customer submits a lead with your dealership, they’re ready to start the sales process. That’s why it’s important to follow up with these leads as quickly as possible, with a professional and consistently high-quality enquiry management call.

Whether you want a safety net to ensure no lead goes uncontacted, or if you would like full-time assistance with responding to leads, Interactive Marketing can help.

We will phone leads, understand their requirements and feedback to you with detailed information on what each prospective customer is looking for.

This insight and information will put your dealership ahead in the sales process with the prospective customer who is still very much in the market to purchase.

Should a customer eventually purchase elsewhere and become a Lost Sale, we will endeavour to gather as much information as possible as to why they decided against buying with you. We will also make a note of when that customer is likely to be back in the market for a new vehicle.

Our Enquiry Management and Lost Sales services give your dealership the best chance possible of reaching and winning new customers whilst they’re still in the market.

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